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I Will Respond to Abuse With 10 Abuses, Slap With 20 Slaps – Shahid Khaqan


I will respond to bullying with bullying, I will respond to one abuse with 10 abuses, I will respond to slap with 20 slaps.

Former Prime Minister and Senior Vice President of PML-N Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, while talking on a private TV channel’s program Sawal Yeh Hai, said in no uncertain terms about the unfortunate incident that took place with PML-N leaders outside Parliament House. If someone does bullying, they will also respond with bullying.

In response to a question, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that as long as Imran Khan remains the Prime Minister, it will continue to be so, because with his attitude and training, it is possible to do all this, because whatever he does, his workers will do the same. Will Then the result will be the same as what happened outside Parliament House on Saturday.

The former prime minister said in Imran Khan’s speech in the National Assembly on Saturday that it was unfortunate for the country because when provoked by the leader, then the result would be the same.

He said that the Speaker National Assembly has banned holding press conferences inside Parliament Lodges due to which we have to go outside for press conferences. That is why when we went outside to hold press conferences, one and a half hundred people attacked us. Shahid Khaqan said that we were only 6 elected representatives who were tortured or there were 15 drivers besides us and some workers who could not face this attack group.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that PTI workers used to chant slogans first and when they held a press conference, they tried to insult him.

It may be recalled that during the assembly session on Saturday, a violent incident took place during a press conference of the PML-N leaders outside the Parliament House in which PTI workers allegedly beat the PML-N leaders and also put a shoe on Ahsan Iqbal. Bounced And Mussaddiq slapped Malik.

On the same day, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi while talking to the media had said that if anyone has the courage to come forward and insult me, I will treat him in such a way that he will return to the stretcher.